Child Care Basics

Child Care Basics For Support Staff

You’re not teaching yet? You’re running a program? You want to be an even better teacher? You need this.

This course is designed especially for new or non-teaching staff, and is for anyone who’s either new to the field of Early Childhood Education. It provides a brief overview about the field of Early Learning and other useful information to help you be successful in your job.

Attitude is Everything

Early childhood educators are responsible for shaping the minds of our future generation. This online training class helps Early Child educators explore different attitudes that are beneficial in developing the cognitive, social, and emotional skills of young learners.

How to Earn Your CDA

CDA is a nationally recognized credential for Early Chilhood professionals who work with children from birth to age eight. If you are interested in becoming a credentialed early childhood educator, this informational class will provide an overview of the steps to applying and completing your CDA credential.

The class will also provide downloadable documents and forms for your use in the CDA application process.