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  • Sarah

    November 13, 2021 at 9:27 pm

    Yes I agree. However, it needs to be
    modeled by the teachers. Acknowledging them as a part of the class,
    Instead of it being the teachers class, is the best way to start.
    Getting to know the students individually, is the first thing teachers
    should learn. When little disputes happen in class, help by
    acknowledging feelings, give words they may not have, ask if you are
    right, facilitate the discussion, offer support, then thank them for
    helping solve… Do this often and the children will start to solve
    issues without assistance, however, be flexible when your presence is
    required for a disagreement. Even if you have to say, let me finish
    this and I will be right there. If they are asking for help, they do
    not feel confident yet in their new abilities.