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Activity Feed Forums Promoting Diversity in Early Childhood Education Components of Human Diversity: Their Importance and Examples Reply To: Components of Human Diversity: Their Importance and Examples

  • katarina-astley

    November 26, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    The components of human diversity influence children to understand and accept that, although others have different cultures than their own, all cultural backgrounds deserve to be recognized and respected. There is no culture that outweighs the others in importance. They are all equal, and should be seen as such.

    Not only do the children’s’ individual cultural components influence their acceptance, exposure to differing cultural backgrounds influence it as well. When children interact with people of different language backgrounds, religion, family history, ability, socio-economic class, and race or ethnicity, they learn about the differences among people in the world, and we as childcare staff guide them into learning that these differences are to be celebrated and that they bring us together as a community.