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Activity Feed Forums Promoting Diversity in Early Childhood Education Components of Human Diversity: Their Importance and Examples Reply To: Components of Human Diversity: Their Importance and Examples

  • ehawkq

    February 3, 2021 at 12:00 am

    The components of human diversity can greatly impact a child’s well-being, behavior, and growth. For example, a child may come from a Chinese household and mostly speaks Mandarin and knows very little English that child will most likely have great difficulty communicating with strictly English speaking classmates and teachers. This gap in communication will negativity impact the child’s behavior and growth and that is why it so important to provide a classroom that has language accommodations so that all children feel welcome no matter what language they speak. This kind of classroom environment would also promote other students to want to learn different languages so that they commicate with one another. Another accommodation the teacher could provide for their students is classroom activities that would provide the children information on different cultures of the world and how they are celebrated so that no child feels like they and their culture are not appreciated creating a positive classroom environment for all.