Reply To: Going on a WAC Hunt

  • Alise

    February 12, 2024 at 11:14 pm

    1- What did you discover about the WACs while completing the activity?

    The WAC’s are very in depth and seem to be edited and changed somewhat frequently (every few years or so).

    2- Were you surprised by any of the WACs?

    WAC 110-300-0025 surprised me because there are quite a few different ways that a company can be exempt. I would have expected there to be less ways to be exempt as to make it so more companies are certified.

    3- Can you see how the WACs will influence your day-to-day practice in caring for children? Why or why not?

    I can see how they would influence a day-to-day practice while caring for children because there are many different guidelines to keep in mind when working and as well as many different requirements to have completed.