Reply To: Going on a WAC Hunt

  • Shoka

    August 28, 2022 at 8:49 pm

    1.) I discovered how each section of the WAC has a detailed explanation that reflects to creating a better and safe space for children to learn and explore.

    2.) I found some WACs that I was not expecting to see such as animal regulations, firsst-aid requirements, and many more. Those extends to things I already know as well as things I did not expect to see in the childcare center, but it helped me to understand how important to notice each of the WACs so all the needs in the classroom is clearly met.

    3.) Yes, because sometimes, there may be situations that I would be confused on how to response to the certain condition, which can easily happen when my own experience through upbringing and knowledge contradicts. WACs will be helpful to guide us through that condition to support children in most applicable way.