Reply To: Going on a WAC Hunt

  • Yatzire Tapia Mendoza

    September 1, 2022 at 4:26 am

    1. What I discovered about WAC is that it is very organized and everything is clear and understandable. There are many tables and charts to understand what they are talking about and I think that is great because you are bale to see an actual visual of what things look like.

    2. I actually wasn’t surprised about any WAC. I think that everything is straight forward and it all makes sense like the rules and concepts. I think that since we work with children in general that it is important to keep them safe and healthy and WAC makes sure that we do exactly that.

    3. I do see how WAC influences my day to day because in any moment or activity I can do something that seems like a normal thing to do or use but for the safety of the children it is always a good thing to double check with WAC and these activities or items that we don’t usually see as a hazard or rule but it makes sense why it is.