Reply To: Expectations from your child's provider

  • Andraya

    October 22, 2022 at 3:39 pm
    1. If you were the parent/family of a young child, what three things would you want most from your child’s care provider? I am a parent of a young child in an early learning center and the three things that I want the most are educational development I want to see progress with his learning. I also want to know that he is safe and being treated well, as well as treating others kindly in return. I also want him to be able to be embraced for who he is and making friends and connections.
    2. Identify three fears you might have when leaving your child in someone’s care. Three fears that I have leaving him in someones else’s care is whether or not he is safe, if he is getting enough attention and care, and if he is having fun and making friends.