Reply To: What to do when parents are late to pick up their child?

  • Kristin

    November 11, 2022 at 7:43 am

    Consider these scenarios:

    1. This is the third time in the last two weeks that Mrs. Hopkins has picked up her child late. Today she did not arrive until 20 minutes after closing time. In this scenario, one could address the mother and say “hello “sally” i wanted to discuss pick up with you, is that something you have a moment to discuss with me?”

    2. Lily is 20 months old. This is the second time she has bitten another child today. Lily’s mom is very upset and may pull her out. If i was the provider I would confirm that this is very common in children lily’s age and can give the mother suggestions on how we can work to help lily understand biting is not a good thing both at home and in school. Make it seem like a team effort.

    3. The family was very upset when they came to pick up their son and found him dressed as a princess. They say they’re worry about him being teased and/or not understanding appropriate “male” behavior. For this one I would probably say that during story telling all the boys wanted to be princesses while all the girls decided to be knights(if that is the case) and I understand where they are coming from

    4. Mom is angry because her child got magenta tempera on her shirt and it wouldn’t wash out. The shirt is ruined. In a situation like this I could try to get the stain out and ask the mother if she knows any home remedies that might be able to help

    5. Dad is yelling at his son because the son does not want to stay at the childcare center. Dad is extremely frustrated because he is late for work. I would ask the dad if i could step in and distract the child. If he says yes I would offer to help the child get ready for the day and maybe offer to do an activity that would be distracting

    6. Grandma starts to cry when she drops off her grandbaby because she feels she’s abandoning her since she has to go back to work. It would be important for the grandma to know that the child is safe in your hands and also let her know that she is doing a great job