Reply To: Peer Review – Four Corners Activity

  • Maribel Catala Pagan

    November 15, 2022 at 1:14 am

    Strongly Agree:

    – A multicultural education curriculum should be in place in every school.

    – All learning programs should accommodate all children with special needs.


    Strongly Disagree:

    Families should not be expected to be involved in classroom activities.

    – Some extended family members may confuse children, so they should not have a voice in raising or educating the child.

    – Diversity definitely includes race and culture, but doesn’t include age, ability or family make-up.


    My curriculum should be based on each individual child’s current interests.

    – Media in general delivers fair and accurate accounts of events around the country.

    – The United States should discontinue relations with countries that engage in human rights violations.


    I grew up in a household who only favored their own culture and put down other cultures different from their own. However, growing up in schools with diversity and many different cultures has taught me to appreciate diversity, despite what was taught at home. I can personally see the impact it can have on someone to be misunderstood, but also how welcoming it feels to be accepted for who you are entirely. I prefer to refer to myself as a a fellow human being, rather than stating what ethnicity I am, because of this reason. I aim to respect and embrace all cultures and diversity and what makes each of us the unique individuals we are.