Reply To: Screen time in childcare

  • Scion

    November 27, 2022 at 12:09 am

    This is just an opinion of mine, but I believe screen time is completely unnecessary and potentially harmful activity to have young children take part of. I say harmful because there have been so many studies showing how badly the younger generations’ (myself included, as I am in my early 20s now) memories and attention spans have been effected due to the overindulgence in screen time. Having been part of the generations that took part in large or unsupervised/unstructured screen time, I can say by experience too much screen time CAN make someone less attentive and lazier. I don’t want that for our future generations at all. There is just as much learning and enrichment to be done in the outside, real world, and that is so much more healthy and supplemental to a child. In an ideal world, maybe if a child would have up to 15 minutes of screen time a few times a day, it wouldn’t be so bad. But in that case, we need to be looking into and knowing exactly what it is our children are watching and whether or not its beneficial to them.