Reply To: Peer Review – Four Corners Activity

  • Maya

    December 15, 2022 at 6:47 pm

    1. A multicultural education curriculum should be in place in every school. 1. Believe that it is important that all children learn multicultural things in the classroom because it will help us create a normal atmosphere in the future and create open minds.

    2. Families should not be expected to be involved in classroom activities. 4. Parents definitely need to be involved in classroom activities it is so the children can be helped if needed and so that the parents are able to see what the children are up to and so they can help the children with what they need appropriately and correctly.

    3. All learning programs should accommodate all children with special needs. 2. I think it really depends on the child and what needs need to be met for this child because special needs is a wide range.

    4. Some extended family members may confuse children, so they should not have a voice in raising or educating the child. 2. I think it depends on the situation of the child and family situation. Sometimes the mother is not involved in the grandmother needs to take old and raise that child. I do not see a problem with it unless the family is not making the best choices for the child and the child is definitely noticing it and you can see the behavior show in the classroom.

    5. My curriculum should be based on each individual child’s current interests. 2. I would love if each child got a turn with the current interest. For curriculums but it is just not practical always. If a group of children are interested then I would make a unit on something special like that but it needs to be real practical and easy enough for them to learn and understand..

    6. Diversity definitely includes race and culture, but doesn’t include age, ability or family make-up. 4. Really diversity is everything it could be two mothers two fathers it could be somebody who’s adopted who’s in foster care a grandmother who is taking care of a one year old. I think it does include age ability and family stuff.

    7. Media in general delivers fair and accurate accounts of events around the country. I do not watch a lot of media stuff or read it just because it makes me sad or angry. But I do not think everything is correct and I do not think everything is fair a lot of it is opinions and we do not need opinions we need the facts.

    8. The United States should discontinue relations with countries that engage in human rights violations. 1. See this one is a hard one because I think that we could as a country could help other countries that engage in human rights violations to see why they are wrong and to help guide them into better habits and life for family members. I also agree though that it can be a sad thing to know that that is even happening and we do want to protect our own country and our own people. So I guess I’m just neutral on this one.