Reply To: Screen time in childcare

  • Maya

    December 15, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    My sister went to childcare and would watch a lot of television. it started to show which was not good because she was the smartest child out of all of my siblings at that age including me. It was a big problem. There were some things that we wished would not happen and the childcare person let her do anyways which was watch almost 5 to 8 hours of TV when she was two years old the second my mom found out she took her out of that child care. But we think it is very important that even at an older age TV is not the best for the children they should be outside they should be running that should be talking and interacting with others you know daydreaming all of that. I think that screen time is not necessary. Because they have toys they have imaginations they have friends they have all of that.