Reply To: How to approach a parent about developmental screening of their child?

  • Maya

    December 18, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    I actually had to do a screening for a child and it was during a conference when I tried discussing it with a parent it did not go well. So had to bring in a higher person which was actually my mentor teacher. My teacher explain to the parents how important it is for that child and that it is not a bad thing it is just so we can help the child and meet them where they are at. I think if I had changed it I would’ve talk to coworkers and talk about what I would say and show them the document and suggest giving the child a screening and then give them either a link or a number that they can call to get that set up. But really we could be talking about that kind of stuff with parents before conferences and letting them know that these little things are happening and this is what we’ve been seeing. That way it will not be a surprise to them once conference comes.