Reply To: Emotional regulation in children

  • Maya

    December 18, 2022 at 10:14 pm

    When a child is angry and stomping their feet you can tell them you were stomping your feet it looks like you were angry. Are you angry? They may not understand what angry means but if you tell them you’re stomping your feet which shows me that you were angry overtime it will tell them that this is the emotion for angry. If the child is crying you can tell the child I see there are tears you look sad are you sad? That will tell the child that that emotion they are having is sad. To help children regulate emotions is by telling them what the feeling is telling them it is OK to have that feeling and that we will get through it together. It might be taking some deep breaths it might be going on a walk it might be doing something else to take their mind off of it. Or ask if they want a hug.