Reply To: Emotional regulation in children

  • Kiley Kaye

    December 19, 2022 at 3:13 am

    To help children recognize their emotions, you can approach them when they are frustrated/angry in the moment, and describe to them what you are seeing that leads you to believe they are frustrated/angry. You can follow this with trying to figure out what upset them, and then move on to trying some self soothing techniques, while offering your guidance. You can have them practice deep breathing, counting to a number, or backward from a number if developmentally appropriate. My favorite way to self soothe is to listen to my favorite music or watch a small clip about a cute animal. I can offer music listening to the child if they think it would help them, and teach them some of the techniques I use personally when doing so myself. For example, I enjoy doing a few small movements along with the song, but other times I prefer to be totally still with my eyes closed just absorbing things. I can teach the child both of these options and then allow them to choose what they need in the moment.