Reply To: Positive relationships with families.

  • Scion

    December 23, 2022 at 12:11 am

    My advice would be to remember to be objective and not subjective about the situation. Don’t read into tones or attitudes or intentions that are likely not even there. You are there as the professional and are expected to act as such. I always give most of the ‘floor’ to the parents/ family members, and let them do most of the talking while I merely just listen and try to be as affirming and helpful as possible. This all, of course, is coming from someone who is only a Center Aide, and I have been told to bring all conflict and issues to my lead teacher or director whenever possible. So more than anything, just be level-headed, polite, understanding, and open-minded to what the parents/family members have to say. They have so much more on their plates and going on in their lives than we could imagine, and we need to be there to support them! Not to solve all their life’s problems so to speak, but to provide input and aid.