Reply To: Expectations from your child's provider

  • Hannah

    December 26, 2022 at 4:42 am

    If I was a parent of an infant or young child, three things that I would want from my childcare provider are…

    1. For them to treat my child with kindness and not yell (in a mean way) or speak to them in a negative

    2. I want them to play with my child and get to know them

    3. I want them to keep my child safe and care for them when they need them.

    3 fears that I have are…

    1. They would force my children to do certain activities that are not age-appropriate, or force-feed them.

    2. They would not pay much attention to my child or have a biased attitude toward my child

    3. They would not pay attention to my child’s needs and emotions and would ignore them.