Reply To: What would you do if you suspected child abuse or neglect?

  • Scion

    December 26, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    I would first go to my lead teacher and then my director to ask and/or verify that what I’m seeing is viable and completely possible. I would then ask my director what the best course of action is, and call into CPS and make a report. If I had more flexibility in the things I was able to do, I would personally want to ask the child what’s been going on or how they got the injury, but maybe that’s not something we’re supposed to do. I know one of our handouts states “Do NOT press for details, you do not need to prove a case”, but that doesn’t seem to cover whether or not we can ask the child at all about how they may have gotten an injury. Do we wait for the child to come to us about it? That doesn’t seem right because the handouts also stated that the child often can’t or won’t speak up about what’s going on with them, in the case of abuse.