Reply To: Trainer Monitored Discussion -WACS influence on your day-to-day practice

  • Peyton

    December 31, 2022 at 11:26 pm

    1. One thing I discovered was how specific each of the WACs are and how many issues are covered by them. I think that this specificity is very important so that there is little possibility for misinterpretation.

    2. I was surprised to read that there are possibilities to become exempt from licensing standards. It makes sense as to why this is a possibility, it was just never something that crossed my mind.

    3. Yes, I can see this very much affecting my day-to-day practice. It will definitely influence the way I interact and learn about the children. I think its great how specific it is. One WAC that stood out to me was the family support and self assessment. Knowing where the communities fall short will help when deciding what to enhance in the program.