Reply To: Children learn through relationships

  • Ashley

    January 13, 2023 at 11:16 pm

    Actually going through this right now, we have a new teacher working with us. We have a child in our care who has a serious fear of new people caring for them. They don’t mind when parents come to pick up the other students and will even say hi to new people, but if anyone tries to pick them up they get scared and cry. I and my other coworkers have been encouraging her to not feel discouraged, reminding her that it isn’t her fault the child feels this way and as this child gets to know her more, through connection, the child will get better. We’ve been encouraging her to continue on playing with them and changing their diapers. Feeding them is also recommended as well as singing, talking to, and just all around being around the child. Today this child even let the new teacher hold them, which is a big improvement.