Reply To: Screen time in childcare

  • Emma

    January 17, 2023 at 1:03 am

    I think that 95% of the time, there should not be screen time in childcare. The children get enough screen time at home. There are, however, instances in which screen time can be utilized as a tool for teaching. For example, watching the cameras that zoos put up in different exhibits. This can be used to observe animal behavior, as well as begin a new topic and investigation into wildlife, habitats, animal needs, etc. There are also times in which a very small, monitored amount of screen time (for example, a short Halloween special as part of a classroom Halloween celebration) can be incorporated for special events, with parental consent, and with teacher monitoring. However, as stated earlier, 95% of the time, there should be no screen time in childcare. This is the time in which children get to interact with same-age peers and learn about this wonderful world, we don’t need to occupy that time with screen time and commercials.