Reply To: Peer Review – Four Corners Activity

  • Shalom

    February 3, 2023 at 4:42 pm

    1. A multicultural education curriculum should be in place in every school.

    Strongly agree. I did not have access to an education due to the household I was raised in. Thus, I believe that educations should be as multicultural as possible! Give each child the best possible education so they can enter the world as adults more prepared.

    2. Families should not be expected to be involved in classroom activities.

    Agree. While of course activities that include parents can be fulfilling, the parents do not necessarily need to feel bad if they can’t get the time during the weekday to be involved in the activities. Perhaps the parent has a tough work schedule, for example, and most of the time the parent has with the child is in the evenings and weekends.

    3. All learning programs should accommodate all children with special needs.

    Strongly agree. I absolutely agree with this. Every child should have equal learning opportunities. As such I think learning programs need to make every effort to be as inclusive as possible, with ramps, access to brail, maybe the teachers learn a bit of sign language, and so on. We should also remember to pay attention to parents concerns or specific needs for their child while in care.

    4. Some extended family members may confuse children, so they should not have a voice in raising or educating the child.

    Agree. Honestly, depending on the situation, it could be a ‘disagree’ too. I think this is a very much depends on the family dynamic/household or even the culture of each family. For me, I would raise my future child just between me and my partner for personal reasons. I don’t have a good bond with some of my extended family, for example, so they most likely won’t have a say in raising or education my future child.

    5. My curriculum should be based on each individual child’s current interests.

    Agree. I agree, however I do think there should be standard things every child should learn – even if a different method of learning is needed for each child. Additionally, I believe that yes, every child’s interests should be considered and if possible, somehow included or taught in a lesson! Through a game, a new book, and more.

    6. Diversity definitely includes race and culture, but doesn’t include age, ability or family make-up.

    Strongly disagree. Diversity includes race, culture, age, possibly parenting styles. Diversity is important because it is every factor that makes you, you.

    7. Media in general delivers fair and accurate accounts of events around the country.

    I disagree. While there are plenty of good sources which can be trusted, much of the internet is made to make people want to click, like a whole bunch of advertisements or clickbait. Again, there are certainly some really good and truthful news channels, magazines and such, but perhaps just as much media is fabricated one way or another, if not more.

    8. The United States should discontinue relations with countries that engage in human rights violations.

    Agree. I agree because we should hold allies to the same basic human rights standards in my opinion. I do think this statement is probably something others disagree on. This question is going to be answered by anyone with a prior opinion a bit differently.