Reply To: Trainer Monitored Discussion – Diversity and Colloboration

  • Shalom

    February 3, 2023 at 5:00 pm
    1. Which WACs address diversity and collaboration with families? WAC 110-300-0030 addresses non discrimination laws and implements the standard that everyone is equal no matter age, religion, culture, race, gender, and more. We should always make every effort to include families and the child into the classroom right away and make them feel at home and welcome. WAC 110-300-0085 focuses on making a strong bond and connection with the family.
    2. What big messages do the WACs give regarding diversity and collaboration? WAC 110-300-0065 goes over the importance of school readiness and family engagement activities. WAC 110-300-0030, as mentioned above, regards the laws on non discrimination and equal rights.