Reply To: What to do when parents are late to pick up their child?

  • Shalom

    February 6, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    I would first ask Mrs. Hopkins how she is doing, if there is a new schedule or event happening in her life, or what could be causing the repetitive late pickup time. I would explain to her the importance of showing up on time not only for the staff’s sake, but for the child’s sake as well. It can have an effect on a child to not be able to rely on his mother to pick him up on time. I would work with Mrs. Hopkins and explain that while now and again things happen that can justify a late pickup time, it can’t be continued and we need to find a new plan that will work for her, if necessary. I would be empathic to whatever it is that is keeping her from showing up on time but once again remind her that twenty minutes is too late to make a habit of, and that it is important to find a time while the center is open that works for her to pick up her child.