Reply To: Expectations from your child's provider

  • Zoe

    March 2, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    1. i would want them to communicate with me even if it is just something small. i would also what them to be understanding. lastly i want them to have a good relationship with my child.

    2. working at a daycare my fears would be someone talking bad about my child. i could careless if they talked about me but it they were to talk down to my child and belittle them it would make me very sad. second my child not getting the care they need from the daycare. i know there are a lot of kids in the room and you can’t always be right then and there but i mean not liking them and have your personal opinions about them and disregarding them because of that. lastly them not communicating with me. i know sometimes things slip your mind or you have 5 other kids in the room you have to watch but make sure you at least tell them whether or not they had a good day or not and why.