Reply To: Going on a WAC Hunt

  • Jessica Luna

    April 10, 2023 at 6:53 am

    <div><pre data-placeholder=”Traducci√≥n”>1. What did you discover about WACs by completing the activity? These are the quality standards that are fundamental to early learning programs and I found that these speak to everything you need to know when working as an early learning professional.
    2. Did any of the WACs surprise you? I was not surprised by one as such, since they all have to be analyzed and understood, they are all important, since they are stated in the WAC guide.
    3. Can you see how WACs will influence your daily child care practice? Why or why not? Definitely the WACs do influence the daily practice of caring for children because it is a job that implies a lot of care, knowledge, responsibility, commitment and constant training and many things that are dealt with can be found in the WACs.</div>