Reply To: Trainer Monitored Discussion – Diversity and Colloboration

  • Lily

    June 12, 2023 at 12:14 pm

    WAC 110-300-0135 focuses on cultural competence and inclusion, highlighting the importance of valuing and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds. It emphasizes the need for early learning programs to create an environment that recognizes and embraces diversity, promoting positive interactions among children and families from different backgrounds.

    WAC 110-300-0110 emphasizes the importance of collaboration with families. It encourages early learning programs to engage families as partners in their children’s education and development, involving them in decision-making processes and fostering open communication.

    The big messages conveyed by these WACs regarding diversity and collaboration are the promotion of cultural competence, inclusivity, and partnership with families. They emphasize the value of creating an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated and respected. Collaboration with families is seen as essential in providing holistic support and nurturing children’s growth and development. These WACs highlight the significance of cultural sensitivity, respectful engagement, and open communication to build strong partnerships between early learning programs and families.