Reply To: Role of families as primary educators

  • rjfranklin23

    September 18, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Families raise their children from Day and serve as the foundation and role models by which children learn to develop healthy or harmful relationships, that they are a part of the family and greater community, illicit praise and positive/negative feedback, pick up on spoken language and find joy or unease in exploring the world around them. Families are children’s first teacher(s and children pick up on cues from their family such as vocalizing sounds or words, gestures and facial expressions. How children are viewed, touched, disciplined, taught, spoken to and more are all deeply influenced by families’ systems of beliefs and behaviors. How can childcare providers support families in this role?Childcare providers want to gain an understanding of family’s beliefs, values and culture and childcare providers try to learn what they can do within the guidelines or their center.3 Why is supporting families so important?If families feel good/supported about their parenting styles they then will be more likely to raise their children in positive meaningful ways.