Reply To: Role of families as primary educators

  • bo

    June 7, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Parents are children’s first teachers. Parents build the foundation of the children’s life. When the children were born, their lives were affected by their parents in emotion, character, and sense of safety. The children imitate parents’ action, words, and temper. That is why the parents need to pay attention to themselves to give a good example to kids. Kids are mirrors that reflect parents. . How can childcare providers support families in this role?Childcare can know about the kids from their action and personality, through the observation of the kids, give advice to the parents to let them know how to help the kids develop well. Why are supporting families so important?Teachers have to work with families closely in partnership to ensure high-quality care and learning experiences for children. Teachers accompany kids all day long, the teachers who give high-quality care can help parents to know about their kids better.