Reply To: Role of families as primary educators

  • smitha-azariah

    March 22, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Kids often imitate what their families do.

    Kids spend a lot of time at home and they are influenced by what they see and learn from the behavior, culture and patterns followed at home. Children trust their family more than anybody else and as such, families are the primary educators of their children

    . How can child care providers support families in this role?

    We try to extend the knowledge they initiate at home in an environment of love and discipline. We always take time to talk to the families to know what method they follow with their child to achieve certain goals for that age and try to incorporate it in class so the kids are not too confused and have a common way of learning

    Why is supporting families so important?

    Supporting families is important as it provides consistency for the child and provides security for all parties involved