Reply To: Role of families as primary educators

  • williamse

    July 11, 2021 at 9:46 pm

    Families are primary educators of their children because they see them outside of a classroom. Families are responsible for choosing how their children grow up and learn the way of life and certain skills. Families are responsible for teaching their children before and after child care. Children see how their families act and learn from that.

    Childcare providers can support families in this role by giving them feedback and tips on how their child are taught and lean best at school. When discussing the child with their families it is important to respect them are their lifestyles and culture, it is also important to discuss all attributes of the child’s learning such are successes and complications.

    3 Supporting families is so important because ideally it is up to families on how they want their children raised. As the child(s start to grow up and get older it is more on the parents to start teaching them the ways of life as they head out to public schools.