Reply To: How Animals Can Help With Learning, Collaboration & Creativity in Children.


    December 18, 2022 at 11:10 pm

    My response is supposed to be on if I can think of a significant event that experience that impacted someone that impacted them in the future whether good or bad…I don’t see that forum hers. I am just going to answer that here. I had 4 children very young in life. my first born was born with heart defects that killed her at age 8. My children struggled for years because her death impacted our whole family dynamics. It took us all a long time to finally resolve our grief. It changed my children in ways impossible to describe here. But through lots of tears, hugs, talking about our lost child and looking at her pictures and reminiscing about the funny things she did and how much she loved us brought us through a very hard time. My children are loving parents who were maybe just a little overprotective at times with their own children, but my grandchildren and children are happy!