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    Posted by Jonah on July 19, 2022 at 9:18 pm

    For Module 2 of Child Care Basics, I read A Day with Dad, by Bo R. Holmberg.

    1) What message is given about families?

    This book strongly invokes a message about family bonds across long distances, as it presents a powerful relationship sustained in spite of a lack of regular connection. It demonstrates that not all families function in a traditional manner, and that small interactions can mean the world to those in such a situation.

    2) Does this book speak to you personally?

    This book speaks to me personally because my parents have been divorced since I was in Kindergarten, and at times, I would be separated from one of them for weeks, in not months, at a time. This, coupled with the stressful circumstances and fallout that coincided, deprived me of a simple childhood.

    3) Why are books like this important to offer the children in your care?

    It is important to offer books like this to children because most families and life styles in children’s books, especially when I was growing up, were more traditional, and left out situations and hardships that varied greatly in commonality. It is important to show children that they are not alone in their seemingly unique struggles, and that our differences present a learning opportunity for everyone, and should thus be celebrated.

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