Reigniting my Love for Sewing at Bezos Academy

  • Reigniting my Love for Sewing at Bezos Academy

    Posted by Stephanie Miranda on September 23, 2022 at 7:49 pm

    <div>Hi! I’m Steph, a Lead Teacher at Bezos Academy. I’m answering questions.</div>

    How well do you sew? Are you able to:

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  • Sew on a button, maybe?
  • Hem and repair clothes?
  • Follow patterns?
  • Design and create your own clothing?
  • I reignited my love for sewing through my time being a teaching assistant at Bezos Academy. I didn’t do much sewing in college and it was a “lost” skill that I didn’t address. However, I do think that becoming a montessorian, it did set me up to reminisce in times when I used to sew with my Lola (“grandma” in Filipinx cultures).

    I can sew a button because I had to learn as a practice life skill. Starting that process with beading work, lacing cards, and working up to presenting that lesson to children is so much fun.

    I don’t make my own clothes but would have fond memories making them with my Lola. She made my graduation dress.

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