Social Justice Lens on Attentiveness to Domains

  • Social Justice Lens on Attentiveness to Domains

    Posted by Stephanie Miranda on September 23, 2022 at 7:42 pm

    Development is also separated into distinct areas of development called domains. In reality, this is simply a way to focus on different areas in which children are developing. The four domains of development are identified in the Guidebook as:

    1. Emotional
    2. Social
    3. Intellectual
    4. Physical and Health

    It is important to remember the domains are all interrelated (interconnected) and overlapping. For example, to be able to pedal a tricycle, a child needs a combination of physical coordination, intellectual understanding, and motivation (social ability).

    The more you know about the development of the children in your care, the better prepared you will be to meet their emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs. Child outcomes are directly related to the skills of the adults caring for them.

    I am curious about what other Early Childhood Educators of Color think about in terms of their ability to hold space for themselves and other children in their care. I reflect on times and opportunities I felt called to act and speak out for when domains weren’t adressed. That’s a lot, and that’s scary! I’m just creating a space to be vulnerable, if desired, with additional opportunities to return to reflect. Mahalo

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